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Jul 20 2015

After months waiting for that Pepto Pink Paper in A-town to come down we opened our doors, July 4th, 2015.  I know folks thought we were never going to open.  We had comments that flooded our social media that were  desperate cries of “when are you going to FINALLY open?,”  “we keep waiting for that pink paper to come down,” and some that just said “WE WANT OUR SUGAR FIX.” 

From the moment we opened the doors we had cookies and treats going into pink boxes faster than we could have imagined.


The response from our customers was amazing!   All of my hard work and stress was so worth it.  Thank goodness part of my vision was vintage right down to the bandana we wore because it help conceal my extra batch of grey hair that was hiding beneath it… Who Knew!  LOL







The girls were decorating at the pace of lighting trying to keep the cases stocked full of sugar cookies.  Our team worked so hard and I owe them for the success for our opening day.  But let me be real… it was tough and we had our share of a few learning lessons that day and I am sure so many to come. But isn’t that what life’s about, learning from your mistakes?  I certainly think so.






But we DID IT and it was the first step of many for Sugar Fix Bakery becoming “that vintage bakery in A-town”.   We could not have picked a better town to nestle our sweet little Vintage Bakery in than Ashland, VA.   (aka: A-town, Center of the Universe, COTU) My lifelong dream has finally started to unfold.  

The day quickly came to an end. EXHAUSTION had set in and no amount of coffee could help!


It was truly a day that will go down in my books that I will never forget!  Being able to watch your dream come to life is the most amazing thing one can experience.  Thank you Everyone for making our Opening Day a HUGE Success!

We hope that our Bakery will be the “happy place” that family and friends look forward to visiting while getting their “Sugar Fix” for many years to come.  So if you are ever strolling down England Street in Ashland, VA come in and say hello, get something yummy to eat and experience the “happy” that our vintage bakery tends to share.  



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